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AaB Cup U11

Age: U11 (2008)
Country: Denmark
City/Location: Aalborg
Date: 29.3.2019 - 31.3.2019
Contact: Martin Søndergaard
The participating teams are divided into 2 pools, where the teams all meet each other. After the pool games the 5 best teams all play each other in the A-final for the cup win and the remaining 5 teams play for the B-final trophy. All teams will play 8 games. The length of the games will be 2x15 minutes efficient time (max 50 minutes). Games can not end with a tie and in case of no winner after the regular time, the winner will be decided after penalty shoots. Minor penalties will be served with 1 minute in the penalty box. Tackles are not allowed. Maximum of teams is 10.
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