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1.  Click on "Add Your Tournament".
     As you have no account yet, please sign up.

2.  Click on "Sign up".
     Fill in your "Username", "Password", "Email Address" and than click on "Register".

3.  You will receive following message on your pc screen:
     "Activate your account by clicking on the link that we just sent to your email".
     Just do it!

4.  Please fill in your personal details by clicking on "Edit information". When ready, click on "Save".

5.  Now you can add your tournament on the website.

6.  Feel free to select an option how to publish information about your tournament: circle Free Listing or VIP Listing.

7.  Fill in the form. When ready, click on "Submit". Data will be saved.

8.  For activating of VIP Listing please ask for an invoice. From 1:st March 2017 is impossible to pay with PayPal or Credit Card. 

Note: If you will choose VIP Listing, the fee has to be payed before your tournament ad can be activated!

9.  Log out from the website.

10.  An email will be sent to your email address - with confirmation about your payment and information that your tournament ad was published on this website. It is only valid for paid listings.

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