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Terms & Conditions

I. General Conditions

1.  Website (in further text only Y-H-T) contains listings for tournaments which have been submitted mostly by email. We are not responsible for any cancellations of tournaments or false information submitted.

2.  Did you find any incorrect information?
     Please, let us know and write an email to:

Thank you for your suggestions and comments in advance!

3.  Do you have questions regarding to chosen tournament?
     Please contact directly the cup organizer mentioned at the tournament advertisement. Thank you.

4.  After "Log in" feel free to choose an option how to publish information about your tournament: Free Listing or VIP Listing.

II. VIP Listing

Cost 50 € for half a year (6 months) and for one tournament.

Cost 80 € for a year (12 months) and for one tournament.

The fee has to be payed before your tournament ad will be activated!

Payment according to an invoice is required.

VIP Listing includes:

- Age Class,
- Country,
- Tournament Start Date,
- Tournament End Date,
- Tournament Name,
- Tournament Logo (or one picture),
- Tournament Invitation like PDF-document,
- Tournament Details (unlimited) in English,
- Tournament Details in native language,
- Tournament City/Location,
- Contact Name,
- Phone Number,
- Email Link,
- Website Link.

Note that VIP Listings are placed ahead of Free Listings!

Tournament ads are listed by date unless otherwise specified.

VIP Listings are usually published on this website during 48 hours after your payment is received.

We reserve the right to edit any listing to fit our guidelines.
No third party links are allowed in your listing.


You can use a possibility to publish your tournament like VIP-listing also FREE OF CHARGE! How to do it?

The only one condition for that is that you will place logo "Youth-Hockey-Tournaments" on your own hockey club homepage, linked directly to the website.

The completed process is very simple:

1. You have to put logo "Youth-Hockey-Tournaments" (Y-H-T) to the main page of your site - with direct link to site

2. You will inform us about the site where you have published the logo.

3. In the same time you will send us information about your tournament like: Name of the tournament, your tournament logo, Tournament Invitation in pdf-format, contact name, contact info as phone number, email and web address.

4. During 48 hours will be all information mentioned at point 3 published on the website as a VIP-listing, but FREE OF CHARGE.

5. This mutual barter lasts until the end of your tournament. If you will be interested to publish on the site another tournament, mutual cooperation can continue on equal terms.

6. If one party violates those conditions of cooperation, it can be terminated immediately.

Note: By sending the required materials and putting logo "Youth-Hockey-Tournaments" on your site (linked to Y-H-T site) will be taken as acceptance of these terms.


Your benefits to be published as VIP-listing:

* Hockey clubs and other clients looking for a tournament in EUROPE more aware VIP-listing.

* VIP-published tournaments are more and more frequently visited.

* Clients appreciate comfort to read all tournament information on one place for example at your enclosed Tournament Invitation as pdf-document.

* Published logo of your tournament makes your tournament more visible on the list.

* Your tournament will be placed ahead of all Free Listings.

* Your chances are rising significantly that the client chooses just your tournament.

* Cost 0 € for a year (12 months) 

Feel free and contact us if you are interested to use this barter advantage. Just ask for the logo (by email). Thank you!


IV. Free Listing

Cost FREE.

Free Listing includes basic tournament information:

- Age Class,
- Country,
- Tournament Start Date,
- Tournament End Date,
- Tournament City/Location,
- Contact Name,
- Phone Number,
- Email Link.

You can in any time make upgrading of your Free Listing to VIP Listing according to mentioned conditions above.

Free Listings are placed after VIP Listings.

Tournament ads are listed by date unless otherwise specified.


We reserve the right to edit or reject any Free Listing to fit our guidelines.

Web site operator has the right to delete of any reason ads published like Free Listing for example if there are too many ads from the same country, inappropriate or non-required location or unreliable advertiser.

V. Return Policy

All paid listings will be published on this website first after your payment is received.

If for some reason, technical or other, your VIP Listing is not or cannot be displayed on this website, a refund will be given for the time it is unavailable or the expiration length will be extended to compensate.

VI. Personal Data

In providing your personal details you consent to us using the data collected in order to meet our commitments to you and provide the services you expect - mainly to offer one or more invitations to youth ice hockey tournaments you will organize in your town/country. This will include both - processing of your specifications as well as sending information such as new services, newsletters and other marketing offers that may interest you and also inform you about changes or extensions of our services.

To publish your personal data - Name and Surname, Phone Number, Email Link or Website Link - with your offer on the site  - we make it easier for your potentional clients to be able to contact you as cup/tournaments organizer.

Your details may also be used to monitor traffic to and from our website to help us improve the design and layout of the site.

In the event of any problem regarding to arranging of your ice hockey tournament, we will use the information to get in contact with you.

Other than as stated above, we never pass on / sell/ swap your data to/with third parties. Your data is stored in accordance with applicable law.


Further dissemination of the content of this site is prohibited without the written agreement of the owner.

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